Energy efficient: Thanks to the state of the art technology in our electric heating panel, energy wastage is a think of the past. Heating your home often contributes significantly to your energy bill. There is a more efficient way to do this, with the electric heating panel of Green Comfort, The AmbePanel consumes significantly less energy because it uses two convenient solutions. The built-in thermostat makes sure that the heater is only on when required. In addition, the Eco-setting allows you to keep the room at the desired temperature with even less energy.

Built-in thermostat: The electric heating panel by Green Comfort retains your perfect room temperature by means of the built-in thermostat. The thermostat is always aware of the area temperature. This means that theheater is only turned on when heat is required. And as soon as the area has reached the perfect temperature, the electric heating panel will switch off automatically.


Eco setting (235W) or Normal setting ( 465W): The Eco setting allows you to keep your temperature at an optimal value in an energy efficient manner. In the Eco setting, a better environment and a lower energy bill go hand in hand. In the Eco setting, the electric heating panel consumes half of the energy. The best time to use the Eco setting is when your room has the optimal temperature. The Eco setting will maintain this temperature.

Simple installation: In the blink of an eye, you can have your electric heating panel by Green Comfort mounted. Thanks to our easy suspension system, you’ll also save yourself installation costs (please see our manual). With our specially designed suspension system, the heating panel will always be level with no more than two  to suspension points. This means that you can install the electric heating panel wherever you want.

Silent: The heating panel by Green Comfort has no moving parts. A heater that is completely and utterly silent. It means that you can keep working in silence, at a pleasant temperature, as the heating panel does its jobs.

Convection: The electric heating panel by Green comfort provides a natural heat circulation. By making use of convection, the hot air flows through your area in a natural manner. This gradually heats the entire room, making sure that you’ll always be able to enjoy the heat.