Our Vision

Energy is valuable and its future is under pressure. Mankind is feverishly looking for new energy sources and efficient energy systems. Green Comfort contributes to the sustainable use of energy and
develops innovative products to this end.

Green Comfort wants to take a leading step into a greener world. Green Comfort wants to achieve this by marketing energy efficient products such as our electric heating panel, the AmbePanel, that is a beautiful addition to the sustainable generation of energy.

We at Green Comfort believe that the sustainable generation of energy by itself provides full return if accompanied with the energy efficient consumption of energy, for instance by means of our electric heating panel.

With our products, Green Comfort wants to contribute to a better environment for now and our future. That is why Green Comfort will not stop now and will focus on keep developing products in the field of energy
efficient heating and related products, to be able to contribute to a greener world, now and in the near future.

Green Comfort stats with its electrical heating panel, the AmbePanel, but at the same time is already one step further in the
development for related and new energy efficient products.

The home base of Green Comfort is the Netherlands, that is where we will start from.

But not for long, because it is the ambition of Green Comfort to not only provide our country with energy efficient and environmentally conscious products, but also all countries around us and beyond.