What kind of heating system is the AmbePanel?
The AmbePanel by Green Comfort is an electric heating panel that heats every well-insulated area by means of natural air circulation (convection heat).

What is convection heat?
The convection technique heats cold air, so that it rises and distributes across the area. As this hot air gradually cools down, the air will descend until it is reheated. This creates a natural air circulation, stimulated by the energy efficient AmbePanel.

What makes the AmbePanel so energy-efficient?
The AmbePanel thanks its efficiency to the low Wattage of the electric heating panel. In addition, the built-in thermostat contributes to the energy efficiency. This built-in thermostat makes sure that the AmbePanel switches off automatically when the air in the area has reached the desired temperature. This means that the AmbePanel only consumes power when the area requires it to.
How many heating panels are required to heat a room?
One AmbePanel heats 12m3, if the area is well-insulated. If the area exceeds 12m3, multiple AmbePanels can be used in the same area.
Which applications is AmbePanel suitable for?
The AmbePanel can be used standalone or combined

with a central heating system. In the latter case, the AmbePanel will relieve the central heating system, leading to energy savings. The AmbePanel can be used in all well-insulated areas, such as a living room, bedroom, hobby room, attic, garage or office.
Is the AmbePanel easily mountable?
Thanks to the specially developed suspension system, the electric heating panel by Green Comfort can be easily and quickly mounted by anyone. The panel is snapped into a strip that is attached to the wall. Under Manual on this website, you’ll find an explanation of the mounting process.
Can the AmbePanel be easily used in any interior?
The AmbePanel is a thin panel of 55 x 65 x 1,8 cm. due to which it can be easily used in any area. Its weight is 7 kg. In addition, the AmbePanel can be painted over with water-based paint, allowing the panel to be tuned to your personal interior wishes.